How to brew ice tea

 1. Place 1  Tea bag in a clean, sanitized container for each gallon of iced tea desired.

2. Pour 1 quart BOILING WATER for each tea bag used over tea bag(s) and brew for 5 minutes.

3. Carefully remove tea bag(s) and add 3 quarts fresh cold tap water for each tea bag used.


Automatic Coffee Brewer Method (For 1 gallon  Iced Tea) 1. Place 1  Tea bag into clean brew basket.

 2. For the highest quality, use a dedicated brew basket for tea.

 3. Slide brew basket under brewing head.

4. Place clean decanter under brew basket and start brew cycle. Brew water must be at least 195' F. Brewing equipment  MUST be checked periodically to assure that these temperatures are being achieved.

5. Pour concentrate into clean , sanitized* um and add cold water (one decanter) to equal 1 gallon of iced tea. NOTE: Each gallon tea bag yields one gallon of iced tea.

For 2 gallon yield, use 2 one gallon tea bags and add 3 decanters of cold water. For 3 gallon yield, use 3 one gallon tea bags and add 5 decanters of cold water. Discard tea after 8 hours.