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GM_B-6: Twin Decanter Brewer

GM_B-6: Twin Decanter Brewer

GM_B-DGP: Dual Thermal Gravity Container Brewer

GM_B-DGP: Dual Thermal Gravity Container Brewer

GM_B-DAP: Dual Airpot Brewer

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Dual Airpot Brewer

Model B-DAP is a twin, digitally controlled brewer that brews into 2.2L (74oz.) and 3.0L (101oz.) Airpots. (Airpots sold separately.)
Airpots hold freshly brewed coffee for hours without additional heat.
High productivity – 6,000 watts of heating capacity.
Precise Brew Temperature – The brewer will hold the brew temperature to +/- 1°F during the complete brew cycle.
Brew Volume – Can be set to "teach" mode to eliminate trial-and-error set-up.
Gourmet Brew basket (pn 71431) available as an option.


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Manufacturer Grindmaster
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