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COFFEE MIGHT DOMINATE our mornings, but it’s not the only way to kickstart your day — or necessarily the best. Some people, tired of jitters, over-dependency, upset stomachs, and a built-up tolerance to caffeine, are now replacing their morning cup of Joe with mushroom coffee. And they might be on to something: the best mushroom coffees could bring attractive benefits including calm, all-day energy and a stronger immune system.

Don’t take our word for it: mushroom coffee is now one of the biggest trends on TikTok, with videos on the social media site racking up more than five billion views. What’s made mushroom coffee so popular? TikTok users rave about how much it tastes like regular coffee without the adverse effects of caffeine. Other users have posted morning routine videos where they start their day with mushroom coffee thanks to its mood and energy-boosting properties.

With that being said, we are now offering Ancient Roots Chaga and Lion's Mane Mushroom Coffee!

Our Ingredients

Lion's Mane Mushroom

The Lion’s Mane Mushroom has been historically linked to Asian medicine but is also associated with Royalty across the globe. Unlike most mushrooms that grow a traditional mushroom cap, this functional mushroom has the appearance of a frozen waterfall and can be found throughout North America, Asia, and Europe. Aside from its medicinal history, Lion’s Mane is universally used in cooking and is said to be the perfect seafood substitute.


+ Adaptogen

+ Supports Brain Health

+ Improves Mood and Focus

+ Promotes Cognitive Function

Chaga Mushroom

Chaga mushrooms have been used for centuries all throughout the Northern Hemisphere. This functional mushroom has been historically linked to the Russians, Scandinavians, Europeans, and even North American Indigenous cultures. The Chaga mushroom has a distinct relationship with the trees that it grows on. When a tree gets damaged, the Chaga mushroom grows over the wound and protects the tree. This unique relationship is mutualistic in nature and allows both the mushroom and tree to thrive.


+ Nutrient Dense Superfood

+ Antioxidant

+ Immunity Booster

+ Anti-Inflammatory


Coffee dates back to the 15th Century and was a major part of Ethiopian and Yemeni culture. It’s progress grew fast and by the 16th century it was found all throughout the Middle East, India, Persia, Turkey and Africa. From that point on, coffee became a staple in homes in all corners of the globe. Coffee has come a long way from it’s ancient roots in Yemen and is grown in 70 countries. However, nearly 70% of the world's coffee is grown in Columbia, Brazil, Indonesia, and Vietnam.


+ Improves Energy Levels

+ Contains essential Nutrients

+ Filled with Antioxidants

+ Improves Physical Performance

Easy In-House Brewing with Artisan Collection Filter Packs

Studies show that retail sales of cold brew coffee grew about 460 percent from 2015 to 2017 and every year cold brew coffee sales continue to grow at impressive rates. Cold brew is also a very profitable beverage for businesses, making it an excellent addition to your offerings.

However, offering cold brew coffee poses a challenge for foodservice and business operators because brewing is time consuming, space-intensive, and messy. Farmer Brothers provides easy-to-use cold brew solutions for businesses that are effortless and mess-free.make cold brew coffee

How is it brewed?
Cold brew coffee is steeped in cold water for about 12-24 hours, resulting in a sweeter, smoother, less-acidic, less-bitter, and more caffeinated cup of coffee. This has made it a very popular beverage among millennials and increasingly so among other age groups. However, this is not a practical or scalable method for most foodservice businesses. Learn more about our innovative cold brew methods below.

Cold brew coffee is one of the fastest growing beverages in the U.S., but there hasn’t previously been an easy way to brew quality cold brew coffee for your restaurant or foodservice business.

Farmer Brothers 100% Arabica Artisan Collection Cold Brew Coffee and brew system combines the ease of a 5-gallon brewing container with the innovation of our fresh, specialty-blend Artisan Collection Cold Brew Filter Packs that eliminate the need for grinders, tedious measuring, food safety concerns, and the mess of large filters.

The Farmer Brothers method produces fresh, high quality cold brew without frozen concentrates, without mess, and with 50% fewer brewing steps. Simply open the Filter Packs, drop them into the bucket, add water, and let it brew!

What Exactly is Cold Brew and Why Should I Add it to My Menu?

Cold brew coffee is a popular brewing method in which coffee grounds are steeped in cold water, usually for 12-18 hours (16 hours is recommended for Artisan Collection Cold Brew). This brewing method, compared to brewing in hot water, results in a sweet, smooth, balanced, less-acidic, less-bitter, and more caffeinated cup of coffee. Farmer Brothers’ commercial cold brew coffee system takes this popular form of coffee and scales it into a simple solution for commercial brewing in foodservice and other businesses.

Why add Farmer Brothers Artisan Collection Cold Brew Coffee to your menu?

  • Because it’s more profitable and on-trend with your consumers and our delicious coffee and innovative brewing method makes producing great cold brew a breeze.
  • Cold brew coffee has stronger profit margins than traditional hot coffee, making it highly profitable.
  • Cold brew coffee has the same cost per serving, but the potential for twice the revenue.
  • This on-trend, profitable beverage makes a delicious, smart addition to any restaurant or foodservice business.

Which Cold Brew Solution is Right for My Business?

When it comes to choosing the right cold brew solution for your business, you should consider both the format of the product, whether bag-in-box, hand-mix concentrate, or in-house brewing, as well as the blend that complements your menu. We now offer bag-in-box and concentrates in our most popular coffee collections, including:

Artisan Collection
Artisan Collection cold brew is a great fit for higher-end restaurants and businesses with organic, farm-to-table, and sustainably-produced offerings.

Known for its high quality and scalability, this direct-trade coffee collection is a great fit for a wide variety of businesses. A flavor profile with hints of toasted nuts and sweet berry notes sets Metropolitan apart.

Farmer Brothers Coffee
If you like classic Farmer Brothers coffee, you should try Farmer Brothers cold brew coffee. Its rich chocolate and caramel notes are sure to be a hit with your customers!

Superior Coffee
This time-tested classic, now in cold brew form, is a great fit for many businesses. Dark chocolate flavors with sweet caramel notes make this cold brew a big crowd-pleaser

Pumpkin time is here see all our pumkin products in our store

Farmer Brothers Pumpkin Spice Coffee

Entenmann's brings your favorite desert to a liquid  Drink your dessert and indulge in a cup under 70 calories a deliciously guiltless way to satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories, carbs or sugars. Drink smart Health perks of coffee

Coffee tastes good — but is it good for you? More than half of Americans are java junkies, yet the average joe doesn’t know beans about the health effects of our daily brew. In fact, scientists say there’s evidence that coffee has many effects on health — some good, some bad.

Longer life

Moderate coffee drinking -- less than five cups per day -- has been linked to a decreased risk of death from chronic illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and neurological diseases. The study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found protective effects in both regular and decaf coffee, suggesting that it’s not just caffeine that comes with health benefits, but possibly the naturally occurring chemical compounds in the coffee beans.

Alzheimer's disease

About three cups of coffee each day might stave off Alzheimer’s for older adults experiencing memory declines. A small study found coffee consumption helped slow the progression of mild cognitive impairment, a condition that often leads to Alzheimer’s.

Skin cancer

Coffee may lower the risk for the most serious type of skin cancer, malignant melanoma. A 2015 study found that frequent coffee drinkers -- those who consumed four cups or more per day -- had a 20 percent lowerrisk for developing maligant melanoma. Prior research has also shown coffee may help prevent other types of non-melanoma skin cancers. Decaf did not seem to offer the same protection.

Coffee & calories

Coffee contains almost no calories - as long as you drink it black. But fancy sweetened drinks sold by specialty coffee retailers are often loaded with sugar and fat - and hundreds of calories that can contribute to weight gain. A venti white chocolate mocha from Starbucks delivers 510 calories - roughly 25 percent of an adult’s normal daily calorie intake.

Blood pressure

Caffeine can increase blood pressure - but apparently mostly transiently. Long-term studies have found no link between regular coffee consumption and high blood pressure, a.k.a. hypertension.

“Still, for persons with hypertension it may be worthwhile to see if switching to decaf improves control of blood pressure,” said coffee researcher Dr. Rob van Dam, an adjunct assistant professor of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health and associate professor at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine in Singapore.