Curtis Twin 3 Gallon Automatic Urn

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Twin 3 Gallon Automatic Urn


Capacity: 3 Gallon per side.  

Volume (Gal/hr): 13     (Ltr/hr): 49

Dimensions: (H x W x D) 29.25" x 32.5" x 14"    74.3cm x 82.6cm x 35.6cm 

Electrical Requirements: 240V, 60Hz, 1 , 28A, 6000W 

Water Connection: TEE, FLARE ¼ x 3/8 x ¼ PLATED

Special Features: Agitation


Standard Features:

Automatic Refill During Brew Cycle.

• Thermostatically Controlled for Near-Instant Recovery.

• Closed-Lid Brewing Creates Superior Flavor and Full Coffee Aroma.

• Swing-Spray Head Evenly Saturates Coffee Grounds for Complete Extraction.

• Electric, Gas or Steam Operation.

• Stainless Steel Filter Basket (with hold-down flaps).

• Automatic Agitator/Aerator.

• Manual Agitator/Aerator.

• Emergency Refill.


Correctional Package:

For hostile environments, Curtis offers a package of security features to guard against damage and tampering.

• Legs Drilled and Tapped for Tie Down.

• Hot Water Ready Indicator, in Lieu of Temperature Gauge.

• Air Agitation Stainless Steel Tubing.

• Hex Configuration on All Faucet Bonnets, Removable by Tools Only.

• Tamperproof Screws on Control Box.

• Thermostat Guard Box, Fitted with Tamperproof Screws.

• Spray Arm NOT Removable without Tools.

• Fixed By-Pass Valve with Set Screw Adjustment.

• Acrylic Gauge Glass.

• Low Temp – No Brew.

• Optional Hinged lids.

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