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Folgers 1.25 Liter Special Reserve (Four)

Folgers 1.25 Liter Special Reserve (Four)

Folgers 2 Liter Special Reserve (Four)

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125037 - 2 cases
  • A smooth, round coffee with a medium roast, medium body, mild acidity, low bitterness, and a mild, pleasant aftertaste.
  • The coffee is packed in an insulated foil bag with an ice pack and/or dry ice. 

Preparation instructions: 

1. Wash hands first. SHAKE PACK AT LEAST 10 TIMES. Remove plastic film wrap. Fill in the dates in the boxes on top of the pack. 

2. Pull perforated strip from pack. 

3. Take dosing tube out of pack. 

4. Pull dosing tube towards red ring on pack. 

5. Red circle on dosing tube must cover the red circle on outside of pack. Check that dosing tube is straight and correctly positioned. 

6. Reverse pack and place pack in the dispenser.

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Manufacturer Folgers
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