Who doesn’t love holidays?

Especially CHRISTMAS! Other holidays make up THANKSGIVING or EASTER.

Take CHRISTMAS, for instance. All your dear family members or loved ones are gathered at one table for a night’s festivities.

Here, a perfect cup of coffee creates a memorable experience for you if you are a coffee lover.


 Drinking Regular coffee year around is no big deal.

What makes your holiday coffee A FESTIVE ONE?

It should feel different from your casual coffee intake.

There are so many SPECIAL COFFEE options just for A MERRY CHRISTMAS or holiday.

You can enjoy limited-edition coffee flavors or deals in the shape of:

  • Coffee Beans
  • Special blends
  • K-cup collection
  • Ground coffee, etc.

You can also gift such flavorful coffees to a loved one or a family member on HOLIDAYS.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the BEST COFFEES FOR HOLIDAYS.


1. Harry & David Chocolate Cherry Decadence Coffee

This holiday, relish the richness of CHOCOLATE with the tartness of BERRIES in this Harry & David Chocolate Cherry Decadence COFFEE.

 Here, “HARRY & DAVID” is a company established in 1934, offering a variety of delicious offerings like luxuriant desserts, premium dried fruit, and much more.

You can use this high-quality coffee yourself or gift it for special holidays and celebrations.

Indulge yourself with Chocolate Cherry Decadence Coffee, whose premium beans are harvested by hand and further roasted professionally.

 Then these coffee beans are air-cooled fast to achieve that perfect blend without bitterness.

2. Kahlua Hazelnut Gourmet Ground Coffee

Kahlua Hazelnut Ground Coffee would be the Second best coffee for your joyful holidays.

It’s not just coffee but a whole package full of flavors like tasty rum, vanilla, and caramel flavors of Kahlua Coffee Liquor.

Here, you get 100 percent pure Arabica beans, already Pre-ground for easy brewing.

Kahlua Coffee makers guarantee that this coffee combines quality and freshness for you.

Artificial flavors like HAZELNUT are added to salivate your coffee buds along with coffee’s natural flavor.

To make a better combo, you should add Kahlua coffee liqueur to this coffee.

3. Moose Munch Coffee by Harry & David, Dark Chocolate Candy Caramel

Moose Munch Coffee by Harry & David, Dark Chocolate Candy Caramel, will truly give your holiday or Christmas celebrations a festive feeling.

These are medium roasted 100% Arabica beans, offered as single-serve cups.

Harry & David gourmet delights like GOURMET COFFEE here are considered top-notch when it comes to quality.

For those of you, who are lovers of COFFEE, CHOCOLATE, OR CANDY CARAMEL, a single cup of this holiday coffee will be like a dream come true.

According to HARRY & DAVID, gourmet popcorn treats inspired them to create a delicious coffee blend. 

4. Jim Beam Bourbon Vanilla K-cup Single Serve Coffee

Have Jim Beam - Bourbon Vanilla Ground Coffee Single-Serve K cups on your holiday.

Most people like bourbon on holiday.

Now, combine this flavor with the finest 100% Arabica coffee.

You get Bourbon Vanilla Ground Coffee by Jim Beam, considered the #1 selling bourbon brand in the world

Here you get a coffee cup of sweet VANILLA with a creamy, woody overtone of the BOURBON flavor.

Jim Beam’s rich flavor makes it a unique blend for your holiday pleasure.

 You get both coffee’s natural and artificial flavors in this special coffee k-cup.

5. Specialty Flavored Cup

Let yourself cherish the holidays with Specialty Flavored Coffee Cups.

The classical coffee taste is excellent on its own with its originality.

But when you add artificial or organic flavors to this coffee, you get a matchless blend in terms of double pleasure.

The choices are mind-boggling, ranging from IRISH CREAM, Cinnamon roll to Chocolate Peanut Butter.

You can try each flavor whenever you desire a festive cup of coffee to brighten your holiday mood.

It’s also a perfect holiday gift option with its vast amazing mixes with coffee.

These cups produce a supreme blend of mouth-watering tastes for you.


Do make your coffee preparations for your upcoming holidays by having any or all of these yummy coffees.

At Koffee-Express, you can get all these festive coffee varieties with many more available for your selection.