5 Reasons to Buy Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

5 Reasons to Buy Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines

Who doesn’t love soft-serve ice cream? This especially holds in the blistering summers. But it’s usually a round-the-year favorite craving for people of all ages. Those who don’t know much about its unique buildup can understand it as a light and airy ice cream. The incredibly soft texture of this ice cream gives it the name Soft Serve ice cream and is achieved by adding pressurized air to the ice cream mixture.

Here, you get to know Overrun. Overrun is the amount of air introduced into the ice cream mixture during production and is typically explained in percentage. Because of its popularity, you might be considering selling soft-serve ice cream from your café, restaurant, doughnut shop, or eatery. Such machines may also produce gelato, frozen yogurt, and other sweet items. What you need is a soft-serve ice cream machine for commercial usage.

It can get tricky to decide what type of soft-serve ice cream machine to purchase because of the varieties available. You need to focus on what elements you require in your purchased machine.

There are many types depending on multiple factors:

  1. Number of flavors to be produced,
  2. Capacity variation (Countertop or Floor models)
  3. Feed systems (Gravity or Pressure)
  4. Cooling systems (Air-cooled or Water-cooled)
  5. Technology variation ( Low Mix alarm present or not)


Your projected goal for ice cream sales will help you decide what type of machine you will need and how many you should purchase. Lastly, you should select a reliable distributor you want to buy from. With over 20 years of providing premium quality products and customer care, Koffee Express has established itself as an ideal seller of soft-serve ice cream machines. With affordable prices and high-quality products, you will be satisfied here.

Let’s see 5 reasons to buy Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines;

1. Attracting New Customers

You can never have many customers if you run a bakery, eatery, or store. You can attract new customers with the sweet treat of soft-serve ice cream. Those may range from youngsters to the very old, as the passion for delicious ice cream transcends all the age groups. Kids make up a valuable customer base with their great love for ice cream.

2. Extra Sales with Minimum Effort

Just because of its presence on the menu, your customers will surely order yummy soft-serve ice cream to complement their lunch or dinner. Even during shopping in a store, kids or grown-ups are inclined to buy ice cream whenever they see a soft-serve ice cream machine on the counter or floor. It’s due to the ever-present love for licking fluffy and chilled ice cream. So, you get boosted sales with minimum effort.

3. Edge Over Competitors

Adding a soft-serve ice cream machine acts as icing on the cake, giving your bistro or café that much-needed edge over your competitors. You ensure your clients get something extra and unique in the form of ice cream in addition to the original menu. Your business begins to stand apart from others positively with this single addition alone.

4. Greater Repeat Customers

Adding soft serve ice cream to your menu raises the options available to your customers. This creates new customers and, particularly, repeat customers. In a post-Covid world, repeat clients are a goldmine for a business.

5. Secured Future

What if you had a secret formula to ensure your restaurant or café never felt the loss of customers? How do you ensure a steady profit, no matter what the circumstances? Food trends come and go with time. Sales of different products and services fluctuate as well, but the love for soft-serve ice cream will stay with most people. Secure your future by investing in a top-notch soft serve ice cream machine.

Parting Thought

You don’t need to browse different ice cream distributors out there. As Koffee Express provides you with premium brand new soft serve ice cream machines of multiple varieties and budgets. Namely:

  1. Crathco K-SOFTPUMP 1 1/5 gal Countertop Soft Serve Freezer - Air Cooled, 115v
  2. Crathco KARMA PUMP 2 1/2 gal Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, 115v
  3. Crathco KARMA GRAVITY 2 1/2 gal Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine - 115v