7 of the Best Frozen Drink Mix

7 of the Best Frozen Drink Mix

Nothing beats the summer heat better than an ice-cold frozen drink mix on a sunny afternoon. You feel fresh even after a single serving, whether it is a tropical or a mixed flavor icy cold drink. They are generally sweet, brightly colored, and slushy in nature. In fact, frozen drink mixes are so refreshing and additive that you can even enjoy them in cold weather. Whatever you desire. You may use them for personal use to entertain guests in-house or for commercial purposes as a slushy drink or a frozen drink mix smoothie or cocktail. It depends on what you add to a frozen drink mix concentrate like water or milk to create a desired texture and flavor. A delicious frozen drink mix concentrate will surely give an exceptionally yummy slush or smoothie.

Here Koffee Express has a wide range of unique flavors to liven up your party or make your store popular with its frozen drink machine. Let’s look into 7 of the best-frozen drink mix available from numerous others. It’s a personal selection; you may feel a pull towards other flavor mixes.

1. Tropical Sensations-Strawberry Granita Mix

Making a fantastic die-for strawberry frozen drink is a reality now with the Tropical sensations-Strawberry Granita mix. You taste the natural fruit with the strawberry puree with loads of ice to make a perfect slush or a delicious smoothie with milk. To make a perfect tropical sensation mix, you need to add 4 parts water or any other liquid to 1 part concentrate in a 4: 1 ratio.

2. Granita Machine Frozen Drink Blue Hawaii Mix

 Froze Drink Blue Hawaii Mix blends orange juice concentrate and pineapple juice concentrate as the fruit content. Other special ingredients added to these flavors produce an awesome Blue Hawaii Mix. Depending on your choice, it can be used in a Granita machine or a blender with milk, water, or alcohol.

3. Orange Cream, Frozen Drink Slush Machine Mix

 Do you love tangy oranges? If yes, orange cream frozen drink slush mix gives a new shape to enjoying oranges in a super-refreshing drink. It boasts 100% natural orange puree concentrate, a creamy texture, and a flavor with a hint of vanilla. Just needs a lot of ice. It’s also ideal for commercial purposes. 

4. Tropical Sensations-Pina Colada Granita Mix

 Who doesn’t love an icy cold Pina Colada? Try the premium flavored Pina Colada Granita mix at your home for a gathering or celebration, or serve it in your café as your clients’ favorite drink. It’s a matchless combo of pineapple juice puree and other superb components and flavors. Transport your imagination to a summer beach with every sip of a delicious sweet Pina Colada.

5. Tropical Sensations-Peach Frozen Drink Mix

Let your pallet try a peachy drink with the Tropical Sensation Peach frozen drink mix. You can never go wrong with it while deciding on a food menu in either your home or a restaurant. Add color to your food menu with the peach frozen drink mix.

6. Cherry Lemon Slush Mix Granita Frozen Drink

Combine the zest of lemon and the tang of cherries in a bombastic summer drink with lots of ice. You won’t be able to ignore this slush anytime soon. Make your get-togethers at home a fun thing with a naughty cherry lemon slush Granita frozen drink mix.

7. Tropical Sensations - Frosé (Frozen Rosé) Drink Mix

 Frosé gives a great mixture of frozen fruit like sliced strawberries and ice cubes and Rosé in an icy cold syrup form. If you are a fan of Rosé, a frozen Rosé drink mix concentrate will become your favorite drink quickly. Especially for those summer pool parties or beach visits with friends. Though it looks like Rosé in color, it’s non-alcoholic on its own. You get a well-balanced sweet and tangy syrup here with multiple high-quality elements.

Parting Thought

Buy from a trusted buyer that delivers quality frozen drink mix like Koffee Express. You can’t go wrong here. Apart from the 7 great options mentioned above, many other delicious drink mix varieties are available with eye-popping colors and yummy tastes. Keep on browsing, looking for your preferred choice of summer frozen drink mix.